VT Route Editor - how to manually synchronize the video with the route

This article is only about manual synchronization of the video with the route. If you seek the article about VT Route Editor - general usage, go to this page.

There are a lot of ways to synchronize the video, but we find this way easiest for the majority of the editors.

First of all be sure you have your Editor up to date. You can check that when you open the editor, go to 'Help' and 'Check updates'


1. Select the route, on the top right-hand corner click 'Video'

2. On the top left corner click 'Satelite' view

3. On the bottom of the app click 'Altitude and Video'

4. Click checkbox 'Follow video position'.

After that, you will play the video and pause at the points that you can identify on video and on the map, such as by-road, roundabouts, houses, corners trees etc. Whenever you find that point you pause the video, right-click on the map and 'Insert video point on route'. The app will resync your video to the selected location. Continue this way and you should be able to edit it. Points don't need to be close, but the more points you add, the more your route will be accurate

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