Connecting trainers in Virtual Training Desktop

In the status bar please click on Edit Bike


Application provide you with Bike setting, please click on button


You will see the list of supported Trainers, please select the one you like to connect:


Right you click on the  

the application starts scan for available Trainers, please make sure that your Trainer is activate, connect to electricity and that you have provide short pedaling, that’s provide the Trainer activation.

Application starts to scan for available trainer:

If the application detects the Trainer, it will be show on the list:

Please select your the Trainer


Turbo trainers - Supported turbo trainers don’t contain any integration of ANT+ or BLE sensor, but the application has integrated the power characteristic of those trainers. That’s the reason that Application starts to search for any available SPEED or COMBO SPEED/CADENCE sensor. Please ensure that the sensors are activated before start scanning for any turbo trainer.


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    Fernando Lopez

    I have a ascent mag 3L I cannot connect to the app can u help


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    Robert Sevilla

    my Tacx vortex 2180 is not on the list? which trainer do I choose to make it work? I tried the general FE-C, and trainer simulator, they don't work. I want it to adjust the resistance when climbing. With the 2 that I tried it only picks up power and cadence.

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