VT recommend to provide calibration of your bike anytime you take your bike out of the Trainer, but first is important to check if your User Profile information and Bike setting information are much as possible closest to reality. Especially weight is very important entry for our future Trainer calibration.

Any time you take your bike out of the trainer is recommended to provide bike calibration

First you should correctly fasten your bike to your trainer. Make sure you don't over tide your flywheel to the back wheel. 

Please check that your Bike settings correspond with your actual bike weight and circumference, but VT is set up on average values. 

Select your Trainer

App starts search for the Trainer, right you’ll see your Trainer listed in click to connect. Connected Trainer is marked with the green color in the word “Connected”.


Detail Trainer box will offer you the "Calibration Trainer" option. You could start the calibration process of your Trainer. App will guide you through the process, please follow the instruction. 

Calibration process steps: 





For your fist ride after the Trainer calibration, please try only "Certificated" route to ensure that your Trainer is behave correctly.





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    A G

    I tried this with Wahoo Kickr and the resistance to get up to speed was too high. I've gone through this process mutliple times using both Wahoo utility app and TrainerRoad and had no problems - have I done something wrong? what's different with your system?

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    Laura Perry

    I just swapped bikes and when I tried to calibrate with the new bike on my Wahoo Kickr I can't pedal fast enough to reach the specified speed. I didn't have trouble calibrating eith my Kickr in the past.

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    A G


    I've found a fix for this.

    Open up the calibration in CVT, then while it is open run a calibration on iPhone utility app - the CVT calibration seems to mirror it and CVT worked fine after that.
    I'm running CVT app on Windows 10 laptop with ANT+ dongle and iPhone 4S with Bluetooth.

    Hope this helps


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    Laura Perry

    Thanks for the tip Anth! I'm going to try again this evening. I realized I forgot to set the gear ratio for the new bike. That may have been the problem since it has a different gear set than the previous bike. If that doesn't work, I'll try your solution :-)

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    Arkadiusz Kozlowski

    hi. does anyone knows how to set up gear ratio for my VB if front gear is 39/56 T and rear gear 11/26 T !?

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