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Please remember to always keep only one VirtualTraining Account. We all know the situation that we would like to test new application and set up fast new Account just to try, but if you decide to use VirtualTraining for rides, training, keep only one Account and ask the VT service desk to deactivate your other VT Accounts.

If you mix two or more Account, you could have missed the important training activity. Get mess in Subscriptions, hardly communicate with service desk and be able to get the perfect service management from us.

VirtualTraining Account contains of a “User Name” that you choose when you sign up to VT, it’s ties with your e-mail address, which will be used for communication between our system and you and to every VT Account will be assigned VT ID number.

Then is important for you set up your privacy lever, language and units. Then you are able from Account setting reset your password, or deactivate your VT account.

Remember that with your User Account information as User name and User ID is bounded your VT subscription.

Please use your User Name anytime when you’ll need to contact our service desk

We recommend to update your Account information directly on our Website - "Account settings

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