Subscriptions Overview

Subscription Overview


VirtualTraining subscription plan options base on the level of performance and options that best suit your training needs. Like to find more, please check this Subscription Overview:

Please remember that the VirtualTraining subscription is linked to the user account that was used during the purchase.


Subscription Plans:


VirtualTraining PREMIUM subscription

 Let us introduce you the most powerful subscription, the Premium subscription is universal and cross-platform. You are able to log into any supported device (PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android). And of course that you have the access to all the premium content and features.

Premium features

Notice: You always have an option to pay the subscription in other world currencies € £ and others available


VirtualTraining DESKTOP subscription 

Desktop Subscription perfectly match to the PC users. Also if you use only your computer and you don’t feel to have the premium subscription content then you find the best choice for you!


VirtualTraining iOS subscription

 The VirtualTraining iOS subscription plan is the universal subscription on the iOS platform where you can use your iPhone or iPad with the same subscription. But remember that, to be able to use the VirtualTraining iOS subscription across your iOS devices you need to subscribe over our website though, if you buy VirtualTraining subscription through iTunes. The iTunes VT subscription will be bounded with the device that you used to subscribe and you will be not able to access VT from another iOS device. Although, you have always option to purchase the VirtualTraining iOS subscription through iTunes, we recommend to purchase the subscription over our website that you could enjoy all the benefits of VirtualTraining iOS subscription.

VirtualTraining Android subscription

 The perfect subscription for your Android platform. If you are the owner of Android device then is simple, because now our single app will work on your phone and tablet. And of course that you could subscribe via Google Play Store. We are recommending to purchase the subscription over our website then we have possibility to manage your subscription and provide the subscription service for you.


Special subscriptions / licenses:


VirtualTraining iPad / VirtualTraining iPhone subscription purchase over iTunes

 As we have already mentioned above the VirtualTraining iOS subscription purchase over iTunes not allows the iOS cross devices features. Also the iTunes subscription is joined to device (Apple ID), and that’s the reason you are not able to switch from iPad to iPhone

Subscription management:


Web subscription management

All VirtualTraining plans purchased via the cVT website are directly linked to your User Account. It’s allow you to log into your Virtual Training account and manage your subscription directly: After log in to your User Account on the Dashboard go to “settings”.

On the left side in the content menu click on button “Subscription”

(here will be link to new sub-section (VT Subscription management)

Apple iTunes subscription

 If you’ve had purchased your subscription via iTunes (VirtualTraining iPad or VirtualTraining iPhone) you have to manage your subscription from your iTunes account. We have no possibility to access your iTunes account and manage your subscription. For more information regarding the iTunes subscription management, please click here. (link to iTunes management)


Android Google Play subscription

 Similar to the Apple Subscription the android versions managed from Google Play and any management of your account must be managed over your Google Play account, click here for more information. 

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