Making and editing a new route in CVT Editor


You can download the separate editor of routes below. The VirtualTraining Editor enables to import GPX, FIT, TCX files and create the virtual route based on imported GPS data. Also, you can synchronize the video content with GPS data etc. The created route you can upload on VirtualTraining portal directly from the editor. Uploaded route is automatically public to all users.

Attention: Depends on the route, the upload can take from seconds to hours. The virtual routes with HD video can be uploaded hours. Just keep the App open and the route will be uploaded automatically.


Download link: HERE


  • Manual route creation (you are able to insert data point by point into Google Earth/Google Maps
  • Import .FIT, .GPX, .TCX, .LOG (Sony Action Cam) files with GPS data
  • Import GPS file + video of route and synchronize everything automatically 

We strongly recommend you to use the third option if you have a choice. This option is the easiest and most efficient way how to create a virtual route. You can synchronize the video with the GPS file automatically if you record video and GPS data at the same time (For example: by using a device like the Garmin VIRB or separately by using a Joule GPS + GoPro).


Check out the video tutorial here. It will help you import and synchronize a virtual route in only a few minutes.



Of course, sometimes you don't have a chance to record GPS and video together or you stopped GPS recording/video recording during the ride, etc. You can synchronize video with a route manually. The tutorial below shows how to manually synchronize a virtual route. The process is described here


Finally, often GPS data is not completely accurate and the automatic smoothing tool is not quite good enough. In these cases, we recommend that you smooth the elevation profile manually if you want to have a really great virtual route for indoor training! Check out the tutorial below.


Important note: The route has to be long at least 30 seconds.

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    Tim Baldwin

    The video for manually entering points does not give enough information. It looks so easy, if you know what to do. But, since most people watching it don't, it's not helpful. 

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    Jay Fox

    download link is indeed down....

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    --- ---

    agree with prior 2 comments...what's wrong with providing some written steps...not to mention an updated video..these are 2 years old and my web portal screen doesn't look like these


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    Jeff Martindale

    route editor link is still down.


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