Changelog - Desktop 4.X.X

We recommend to install update via automatic update system in VirtualTraining Desktop. Check your internet connection, launch application and go to main menu -> Help -> Check updates.

Do you need to install the old version of VirtualTraining (version 3.X.X), because you have the lifetime license? Go to the changelog 3.X.X.

Version 4.3.0

  • TrainingPeaks - The Workout of the Day (automatic sync of workouts)
  • Support of KETTLER Premium line ergometers via Bluetooth Smart
  • Improved the street view availability
  • Added the automatic end of ride once no valid data more than 2 hours
  • Added the description of workout
  • Fix of Wahoo calinration via ANT+
  • Upgrade of required .NET library - Now 4.6.1 required
  • Other small improvements and fixes

Download update: here 

Version 4.2.3

  • Added support for MRC/ERG files into app. Simple way how to import workouts ...
  • Support for Kinetic Smart Control
  • Added the calibration rolldown time
  • Added possibility to set the refresh time for Google Street view.
  • KETTLER heart rate has a lower priority than external heart rate strap now
  • Fix of PowerCal priority problem. PowerCal has a lower priority as source of power now.
  • Fix of change of position for Virtual Partners
  • Fix of FE-C required speed calculation
  • Fix of problem with race time with the activity warm up 
  • Other small improvements and fixes

Download update: here 

Version 4.2.2

  • Upload of advanced pedal data to VirtualTraining server
  • Possible to enable/disable hot calibration dialog in general settings
  • Pedal balance displayed in %
  • Fix of IC300 support
  • Fix of Cyclus2 support
  • Fix of KICR SNAP Calibration + default resistance during a pre/post training time
  • Fix of FW update via Bluetooth - dialog for native Windows Bluetooth
  • Fix of warm up crash
  • Other small improvements and fixes

Download update: here 

Version 4.2.1

  • Hot calibration for the CycleOps trainers
  • TP OAuth authorization
  • Fix of Magnus FW update
  • Multi-ride improvements
  • Other small improvements and fixes

Download update: here 

 Version 4.2.0

  • Full support of power meters, pedals. Power meters have higher priority as source of power than trainers. Also pedals have higher priority than Hub etc.
  • Full support of advanced pedal metrics and power balance Support of P1 pedals via BLE
  • HR as part of cool down and warm up
  • Possible to rate and comment the route immediately once ride finished
  • Dynamic list of trainers
  • New hierarchy of trainer select
  • Full support of ELITE Interactive trainers
  • Possible to update the video of route by one click
  • German localization
  • Optimized the Google Street view refresh time
  • The current values are displayed during a paused training too.
  • Added the notification that trainer disconnected (when power meter connected too)
  • Fixed the sorting of online races
  • Added sensor type as part of ANT+ scan
  • Tons of other small improvements and fixes
  • The support for new type of challenge
  • Stability improvements

Download update: here 

Version 4.1.2

  • The support for new type of challenge
  • Stability improvements

Download update: here 

Version 4.1.1

  • Fix of problem with the activity backup
  • Fix of crashes once low battery status of sensors
  • Fix of problem with activity sync
  • Improvements of dashboard promo pictures 
  • Stability improvements

Download update: here 

Version 4.1.0

  • Video rendering optimalization / smooth streaming
  • Categorized routes
  • Categorized workouts
  • Fix of CycleOps Magnus ANT+ calibration
  • Integration of ELITE Interactive traienrs via BLE (except direct drive trainers for now)
  • Change of versioning
  • Fix of TACX BLE/Kinetic inRide communication via Windows Bluetooth Manager
  • Fix of workout stream option
  • Stability improvements

Download update: here 

Version 4.0.20161103

  • Fix of ride with the virtual partner
  • Fix of on-line race finish (In specific scenarios crash...) + calculate the online race toward the career
  • The calibration of FE-C trainers all time enabled
  • Improvements of classic trainers connectivity in mix with power meters
  • Fix of Kinetic inRide via Windows native BLE
  • Fix of Wahoo calibration via ANT+
  • Fix of Magnus calibration via ANT+ FE-C
  • Fix of challenge information parsing
  • Other minor improvements and fixes

Download here: here

 Version 4.0.20161021
  • Firmware update of CycleOps Magnus / Hammer
  • Two-way sync of activities with VirtualTraining portal
  • Support of KETTLER trainers via Bluetooth 2.0 (via Windows Bluetooth manager)
  • Support of Kinetic inRide
  • Improvement of ANT+ FE-C protocol
  • Fix of subscription status
  • Integration of TACX RLV routes
  • Fix of Strava cloud issue
  • Fix of missing tab witg gears
  • DFU/radio FW update
  • Fix of end of race (problems with closing of race)
  • Fix of slope/power target mode changes in the freeride
  • Fix of memory leak
  • Fix of career levels
  • Fix of fullscreen view in Windows 10
  • Minor GUI fixes and improvements
  • Stability improvements

Download here: here

Version 4.0.20160616

  • Firmware update of PowerTap products via Bluetooth (Required BlueGiga Dongle)
  • Support for Cyclus 2
  • Improvements of KETTLER connected via USB
  • Multiride - Fix of problem with finish of ride (when the master user is the fastest)
  • Multiride - Fix of gears visibility in case of more Phantoms 5
  • Improvements of video playing & control in workout training
  • Max speed limit set up to 72 kmh
  • Fix of wrong speed in the overview of past activities
  • Possible to recover from the corruped files
  • Stability improvements

Download here: here

Version 4.0.20160226

  • Hot fix for KETTLER trainers
  • Fix of wrong GUI in mini view of workout training

Download here: here

Version 4.0.20160215

  • Multiride for Workout training. Connect more trainers and ride together!
  • Velodrome mode - you can auto loop the route once you will approach the end for ride...
  • Mute video - you can mute video in free ride and workout via ride settings
  • App splash screen
  • Improvements of updater
  • MULTIremote via ANT+ improvements of connectivity
  • Speed up of route & workout list download (favourite, popular ...)
  • Option to exclude left data fields on routes
  • Actual speed with one decimal place
  • Fix of freezing of map in search of routes
  • Fix of -2147483648 in activities summary page
  • Fix of problem with list of activities
  • Fix of "hacked" log in (injected url)
  • Remember table/detail view in lists
  • Many of small UI improvements
  • Stability improvements

Download here: here

Version 4.0.20151208

  • Fix of critical bug - Two connected ANT+ USB Sticks
  • Fix of memory leaks in route training - Google Maps
  • Added system information dialog
  • Stability improvements
  • Fix of few issues in online racing
  • Fix of calibration for PowerBeam Pro via Windows native Bluetooth manager
  • Improvements of MULTIremote connection via ANT+
  • Fix of frozen N/A HR strap
  • Fix of many small issues

Download here: here

Version 4.0.20151125

  • TACX Smart trainers via Bluetooth (via BlueGiga Dongle only)
  • Real Life Video - Supported TACX,, DVDs
  • Performance tuning, stability update, reducing of streaming requirements
  • Fix of ANT+/BLE dropouts (significant reducing of dropouts)
  • Fix of closing of ride in cool down...
  • Improvements of records in route training, reduced results etc
  • Improvements in streaming of videos - Performance, video codecs support
  • Improvement of mini elevation graph
  • Fix of KICKR communication via BlueGiga Dongle
  • Fix of TACX FE-C calibration
  • The smoothed movement in route training
  • W/Kg comparison for real and virtual partners
  • Added detail of route/workout in detail of challenge
  • Trainer simulator - add as official trainer into separate section
  • Support of SRM Trainer via Bluetooth (via BlueGiga Dongle only)
  • Auto setup of initial view for all trainings based on last ride...
  • Refactoring of general settings
  • Real partners - fix of many issues, stability improvements
  • Fix of time sync in on-line races
  • Many of small UI/Core improvements and fixes

Download here: here


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