How can I import my outdoor rides to VirtualTraining?

VirtualTraining enables three ways how to get your outdoor activities into training diary.

Outdoor Apps

The most comfort way is to install some outdoor apps developed by VirtualTraining team. These apps communicate VirtualTraining, you can use your VT user profile and all activities are uploaded to VT training diary automatically.

More information about VirtualTraining outdoor Apps in the this section.

Import via VirtualTraining site

As logged user you can import the .FIT and .TCX files via VirtualTraining site. Also you can connect PowerTap Joule GPS or Garmin devices via special plugins (unfortunately this functionality is more and more limited by browsers. We recommend to use the manual upload of FIT/TCX files).

Log in VirtualTraining -> Click on Import of activities in right-top corner of site -> Import activities.

Import via VirtualTraining route editor

The VirtualTraining Route editor enables to import many of formats like FIT, TCX, HST, HRM and more. The editor is compatible with Windows platform only. You can download editor on

Important: You have to log in editor with your VirtualTraining account first to be able to upload any activity.


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