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Do you have Apple TV? So we have a great news for you, we´ve just implemented the support for AirPlay connection in CVT. There is Step – by – Step manual how to set up this connection and enjoy your video ride on the big screen and check graph or map on your iPad.



1)      Turn on your Apple TV and ensure you have a good Wi-fi connection.

2)      In Setting of your iPad, tap on the AirPlay button (image n.1)




3)      Now you should be able to see the name of your AppleTV („testovaci_mistnost“ in our case). Tap on it so the green tick appears. (image n. 2)

-          Important note: „Mirroring“ has to be enabled




4)      Time to launch CVT App and make everything same like you´re used to. Where´s the benefits of training via AirPlay in CVT?

-          Different screens on iPad (e.g. map) and Big screen (e.g. video) – image n.3

-          You have more options and combinations of screens. Everyone can choose the best option for him/her. You can easily make the changes in Settings. 





It´s very same as in Routes to set up AirPlay connection. What´s the difference right now?

-          We have to work a little bit more on Workouts functionality and you can expect it in the next update of iPad version. It´ll be similar to Routes, so you´ll have the possibility to have different screens on your iPad and Big screen.

-          At this time, the screen from iPad is mirrored on your Big screen through AirPlay connection.

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    How do you set it up with chrome cast please with iPhone iPad and Galaxy 6



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