Remote control

MULTIremote (O_Synce Remote) is a solution of remote buttons / remote shifters.

CVT supports the control of CVT App via remote buttons (O_Synce Remote). You are able to switching the view, change gear, pause or create a lap during the training. You will not need to touch your tablet, sweat more or use your keyboard on your desktop.

The O_Synce is dual ANT+ / Bluetooth Smart device that you can buy on

Compatibility and version

CVT iPad

  • Supported by version 1.10.3 and newer
  • Only BLE communication. The iPad 2 is not able to pair with O-Synce remote.

CVT iPhone

  • Supported by version 1.1 and newer
  • Only BLE communication. The iPhone 4 is not able to pair with O-Synce remote.

 CVT Desktop

  • Supported by version 3.4.2874 and newer
  • Communication via ANT+ or BLE

 Android versions is supported as well


The MULTIremote must be paired as another sensor into your virtual bike before using it. Go to Settings -> Virtual Bike -> in the list of sensor pair the Remote control. Important! VirtualTraining iPad / iPhone / Android communicate with remote buttons via the Bluetooth Smart only, ANT+ is not supported! 

In the Desktop App you should have to pair the MULTI-remote together with pairing of other sensors in pre-training screen. The App is searching for MULTI-remote control automatically, but you have to activate the MULTI-remote:

How to activate on Desktop?

Bluetooth communication: Pair MULTI remote into windows first and after that you can launch the CVT Desktop, otherwise the MULTI-remote will not be recognized (how to pair any device in Windows, see here)...

ANT+ communication: Pair MULTI remote in pre-training screen like other sensors. Before each training you have to pair the device again by press left and right buttons and hold for about 2 seconds until the status LED flashes green and red together. Now the MULTI remote is looking for a PC. Once the Status LED is flashing green, the MULTI remote is connected to PC successfully.

Once the MULTI remote is connected (via ANT+ or BLE) you can press any buttons in the pre training screen and the color of information text of Joule 3.0/MULTI remote will be changed too yellow…

Buttons mapping

The button work during training only and the mappings is slightly different for each type of training.


CVT Desktop – Profile training \ On-line race


CVT Desktop – Workouts

CVT iPad\iPhone\Androids – Profile training \ Online race

CVT iPad \ iPhone \ Androids – Workouts \ Free ride \ FTP Test



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