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Your VirtualTraining Profile is containing the most important information that our software need to provide you with us much possible realistic indoor cycling. That’s way we recommend to pay attention by filling up your Profile. Especially the information about your age, gender, height, weight, Threshold power (FTP) and rest and max hear rate should be completed as possible most recently.

Pay attention especially to “ "of your Profile and keep this part regularly update. 

Remember that VirtualTraining Profile contain mandatory fields that needs to be always filled up otherwise the software will be not working properly with your actual training.

 Also popular functionality of our system, such as VirtualTraining Career, for example, are closely tied with your VirtualTraining Profile.

It is also important to note that our Website is a key repository of date from all platform Application in use. Check your website and update your profile data here


Like to get more information about VT Profile in VT applications, please check, please check section “Platforms”

iOS Profile setting overview


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