Cloud services

Connect your account with any supported social network and you can share your training data with friends in social network so quickly! On Facebook or Twitter are sent basic statistics information of each imported activity. To all other networks we send complete training data. You can enable the e-mail service and we will send you all your activities as .FIT format on your verified e-mail.

Regarding your e-mail account there is not required any verification, because your e-mail is associated with your VirtualTraining User Account.

To be able to connect any social network you first need to have your own account on those social networks or create one.

Then the activation is very easy, you only to need to switch the social network button. You will be prompted to provide login to your social network account and the connection will be created automatically.

Whenever you crate any activity and the connection between VirtualTraining and the social network will be active, the activity record will be automatically sent to the connected social network.

And of course when you decided to not to share your activity with the social network anymore, simply switch the button too red, however the system will remember the connection and if you switch the button back to green the connection will be re-establish.

It doesn’t matter if the connection is created in some of the VT app or on VT web it will be always link with your account.


See some application view on the Cloud services: 




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