Training zones

To be able to correctly and clearly analyze your training data, is quite necessary to correctly set up your Heartrate Zones and your Power Zones. Please pay attention to correctly set your maximum Heartrate values and FTP, then you have the option to keep the default setting, which is adjusted according to the values of maximum Heartrate and FTP, or you could manually adjust your Zones.

We recommend distinguish Zones between them in color for better clarity and training data analyzing.

Here are some popular colors for each Zone, but of course that you are able to customize the colors on your own. 

HR zones:   

      1. Recovery - blue
      2. Endurance - green
      3. Treshhold - yellow
      4. Race pace – orange
      5. Maximum - red

Power zones:    

      1. Active Recovery - blue
      2. Endurance - green
      3. Treshold - yellow
      4. Race pace - orange
      5. Supra Max - red


When your Training Zones are not correctly set up, the final Training statics shown do not corresponded to reality

Poorly set up of colors, for example all zones set on one color, can cause invisibility of charts.

How to set up Zones, please check:

Training Zones General usage


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