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VT Workouts is one of the main VT functionalities that enable you the best to enjoy your indoor training in the greatest extent possibility. The VT User has the opportunity to choose from a vast amount of VT workouts that accurately cover all user’s needs.

And at least but not last, every VT User has the option to create own workout using the Workout Editor. Let’s have a look on Workouts more in details.

The most complex functionality of workouts is offer via web VirtualTraining. This part is described below. The subset of the web functionality is integrated in all other VT platforms. 

Overview / search

Just after you click the button “Workouts” you would be navigating to main Workouts screen, where you could see the list of “ALL WORKOUTS”

There is a several possibilities to search for any workout using various search criteria. You could either enter the name of the searched workout



When you click on the tab list  you will list workouts that you mark as “My favourite”.

Do you want to edit / create / import own workout? Read more in the article How To Create Own Workout?












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