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VirtualTraining “My career”


We are happy to introduce you VT feature My Career mode. It definitely makes your indoor routine more enjoyable and keep you motivated over seasons. As in the life, so even in the VT Career, everybody has to start right from the ground!


The Levels in VT Career



  1. Novice
  2. Amateur
  3. Elite
  4. Regional class
  5. Professional
  6. National class
  7. World Class

 One the levels harder than the other! J

Also, basically you have to collect points and accomplish pre-defined tasks from cVT Team

The truth is that it won’t be easy to become Class rider!!!

See some notes regarding the Levels:


Everyone who create cVT account is registered users. You don’t need to follow up the career on cVT and just enjoy the cVT workouts, routes, race or training mode. Your Performance level will be increasing, but in career mode keeps you only as a “registered”

Then you could be the user that has already collected for example 10 Performance points, but because the user doesn’t perform the tasks specified in the career levels, stays only “registered”


And that’s quite pity, right?!


Users that accomplished the career tasks, could group up in cVT career:



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  • 0
    Steve Vanderwaal

    There seems to be a bug in the new iPad update.  After doing a ride, I cannot get back to the home screen.  It goes to the upload screen to send the file and then if you hit the back button, it goes back to the final screen of the ride with no way to get out except to re-boot the iPad.

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    Michael Neff

    I lost both my Challange rides on 12-31 because of the same issue and I had to hit the delete button to move on which did not save.  I am also running the iPad version.

  • 0
    Steve Vanderwaal

    Michael, if it happens again, reboot the iPad while you are still stuck on the screen.  That way, you will not lose you data.  It seems to happen to me only in the Premium routes.

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