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Then have a look what you need to do before you start your cVT career

Please remember first complete your FTP Test. Accessible in main menu of any cVT application.


Whenever you will be asked to accomplish some predefined routes, remember ride the routes always in RACE MODE only. The “task” route is possible to count in cVT career only when we can guarantee no breaks, no forward your position and that could ensure only RACE MODE


In any cVT application if you click on button  there you could see all the information related with your cVT career, TO-DO list where you could see all the predefined tasks.


When you like to complete “The SufferFest workout as a prat of the cVT career, then remember to complete workouts create from user “vtapp” only. All workouts from vtapp user are create and check by our dev. team and only these workouts could be counted as a complete task to cVT career!


Additional information


SW Requirements

You have to use the updated version of VirtualTraining. The Career works with versions:

  • CVT Desktop version 4.0.20151023 and newer
  • CVT iPad and iPhone - version 2.0.3 and newer
  • CVT Android - version 2.0.3 and newer



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