Premium subscription - Family Sharing

Family Sharing is the new feature for Premium subscribers that allow you to share your Premium features with your family members or friends. Ask your family member or friend to create his/her own VirtualTraining Account and link this account(s) with your subscriptions.


  • Only one Premium Subscription is needed it
  • Your family member may not buy their own subscription and still have the full access to all VT Premium Subscription benefits.
  • All advantages or Premium subscription on family member own devices.

And some Family Sharing feature conditions:

  • The owner of the Premium subscription (master) could register maximum of two other users.
  • Invited User (family member) could use only devices (PC, iPhone, iPad, Android) that are linked to master Premium subscription
  • Attention: The master (owner of Premium subscription) could have only 5 allowed devices linked to Premium subscription. Also for example, if the Master will use a Desktop, iPhone, and iPad for its own VT Account, then can link only two other devices from Family member party.
  • You can any time add or remove the Family Sharing member from the subscription
  • Family Sharing feature could be managing only from VT website:



How to manage Family Sharing

  • As already mentioned above the Family Sharing feature could be managed only from VT website
  • As a Master (Premium Subscriber owner) provide the login to your account on WEB.
  • Go to “setting”
  • Go to “Subscription” on the left content menu.
  • Click on “Mange family sharing” button
  • Add/remove Family Sharing member VT username. 


  • As an owner of VT Premium subscription, Family Sharing Master provide the login to Family Member device under your VT Account credentials. This step connects the Family Member device with your Premium subscription features.
  • Simply log off from Family Member device
  • After the Family Member logs in under own VT Account credentials to the linked device, then will have access to all Premium features from his/her account. 

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