Subscription management

Subscription Management:

How to manage new subscription over

If you like to continue with VirtualTraining after those 14 days of VirtualTraining free trial, please log into our web site under your VT credentials and go to “setting” button 

At the left content menu click “Subscription”


You can choose one of our VirtualTraining Subscription Plane. For our guide, we choose one of the most popular plan VirtualTraining Premium for 6 months. Click on the button “choose Plan


You will be redirect to Subscription Plan Order, please fill up the order.

Currency – choose between USD, EUR or CZK

Subscription type – 1, 6 or 12 Months plan, price to every plan visible on the right site:

Payment method: You could decide between Credit Card or Bank transfer

Auto Renewal: If you decide to allow “Auto renewal payment functionality” system charge you right in the end of the payment period, you would not need to watch the expiring date. And of course that you could cancel the “Auto renewal” functionality any time.

Before you confirm the payment, don’t forgot to check off the Terms and conditions! 

The next page asks you to fill up all requirement Account information, please fill in all mandatory fields as “Billing Information”, “Payment Method Information” and 

Your VirtualTraining Subscription is valid, application page you with all detail information

And to your mail box will be send the “VT “PLATFORM” Subscription Invoice” mail and “Payment confirmation and license number” mail


Deactivate “Auto renewal” functionality – Subscription cancellation – Update Payment information.

Whenever you would like to deactivate “Auto-renewal” functionality or cancel your VT Subscription. Please go to “setting” – “subscription”

On your valid subscription click on button “Manage subscription”

You will be able to up-date all your Account Information, payment method, billing informant. If you would like to de-activate Auto Renewal or cancel your Subscription in the last field “Timeline” simply click on button “cancel” this subscription.

Remember to confirm the cancellation. Your subscription will be not canceled immediately but after your current billing term ends.

Your Subscription change the Subscription status to manual renew.


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