Management of registered devices

In the subscription model are all subscriptions linked to user account. Based on type of subscription you can use VT on different devices and you are limited by number of registered devices.

Device is registered once you (owner of the subscription) will log in new device (PC, iPhone, iPad, Android). If the maximum number of devices exceeded, you will be switched into free mode.

How to manage the registered / allowed devices?

  • Log in CVT site as owner of subscription -> user profile -> settings -> Subscription
  • In detail of subscription you can see the option to manage the allowed devices


How many devices can I register?

VirtualTraining Premium subscription

  • 5 devices of all types (PC, iPhone, iPad, Android)

VirtualTraining Desktop

  • 3 PC devices 

VirtualTraining iOS

  • 3 iPhones or iPads

VirtualTraining Android

  • 3 Android devices
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