SRM trainer in Desktop 3.X.X

 SRM trainers communicate with VirtualTraining through wireless ANT+ technology. Before the first launch, install the drivers of USB ANT+ Stick version. This will happen automatically during the first connection of the USB ANT+ stick to computer. Internet connection is required in this time. Connection of CycleOps trainer with computer runs automatically before the training starts.

Once the device is connected to your computer, proceed to the settings of VirtualTraining. You can skip this step if you have chosen your preferred brand of your device during the first launch of VirtualTraining. If not, proceed as follows.


1. Launch VirtualTraining and in the main menu go to Settings -> Device Manager


2. Choose section SRM and PowerTap
3. Tick off the field „Enable searching of SRM and PowerTap devices“


Connection is done. We wish you a pleasant training!

Description of control program during the indoor training

VirtualTraining supports ENTER key for changing of mode view between Google and VIDEO.

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