How to create your own workout

With VT, you can easily create your own workout, which is suitable for you and your training. Being logged in at VT web portal, go to "WORKOUTS" (1) and then click "CREATE WORKOUT" (2).


You can choose one of the following types of workouts that you are able to create:

-          Power

-          Power/Kg

-          % FTP

-          % Grade


There are some important clarifications:

1 "Power" types of workouts are based on power indicators. It means that any workout of this type is going to be exactly the same for any category of cyclists. The resistance level is not changing and applied exactly as set.  

2 For the "Power/Kg" type of workouts it is important to set your precise weight whenever your body weight has changed significantly over last time. The level of resistance in this case will be adjusted correspondingly. 

3 "% of FTP" types of workouts are based on the percentage of FTP. So, over time it is important to run an FTP test periodically. Recommended frequency for taking an FTP test is once per month. But of course it is always up to you and your training goals. 

4 During the process of creation and then running of the "% of Grade" workouts just keep in mind the maximum number of the slope gradient your trainer is able to support. You can find this information on the vendor's website or in the trainer's manual under the "maximum simulated hill incline". You can set any number for the hill incline simulation in our app but the actual applied resistance is not going to exceed the level which your trainer hardware is capable of supporting.    

The workout editor is very intuitive. Many properties and marks could be edited during the process of workout creation such as:


SEGMENT INDICATORS – duration, value, segment name, video jump (2)

"Segment name" - we find it very useful to get each segment its name because you can see these names in the details of the finished workout:

- it´s easier to analyze

-  and clearer than "Lap 1.....8"

"Video jump" -  Video jump enables you to set specific video-play points before the start of the specific segment. The video time will be set up in the player of VT apps as a new video time.

When you are finished on the segment, you can continue onto constructing the others (3). Afterward, you can see your workout summarized and you are able to edit some workout properties. For example, you can create workout instructions for better motivation.  You can define when and how long the instruction will be displayed. The instructions are displayed in all VT Apps during workout training. You can also write a workout description, so it could be better categorized and recognized by other users.

Many people like motivation videos, so you can synchronize workout with famous videos from The Sufferfest, Real Ride Videos, etc. For more information visit our support at TheSufferFest, Real Ride video, etc. Remember that videos aren´t downloaded automatically and you have to set media permissions in pre-training settings.




One of the very useful features is the ability to set up workout SHARING LEVEL. There are four options

-          Public workout

-          Friends only

-          Selected users

-          Private workout


Another useful feature is the ability to create Segment templates for further use

Shift + Left click on a created segment -> +Create template -> Enter name of the template -> Click create

At the bottom of the page, there are saved templates with all the information like duration and power, which will be ready for you to use in other workouts


At the point when you think you are done, you have options to confirm the finish by clicking create a workout or save the project and continue workout construction next time. Upon the confirmation of creation, you will see the created workout in your workout list (5).


At this point, you will be able to see this workout also in your device (automatically synchronized with your web-dashboard profile)


How to import existing workout

In this case, you have to click "workouts" button and then IMPORT WORKOUT.


There are two supported file formats for importing:

.ERG - defines segments by power (watts)

.MRC - defines segments by FTP

So, you have to choose a file with either of the formats and upload it:

When upload process is finished, you will find your imported workout in the workout panel.

Enjoy workouts that you have designed for yourself and ride on!

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    Jay McDougal

    how do I delete a workout once it is created.

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