How to connect the Power meter

Virtual Training enables to connect the power meter as trainer  It's little confusing, but in fact it doesn't matter what trainer you use, Virtual Training reads the accurate power from the power meter. The resistance must be controlled by user manually, but Virtual Training knows the accurate virtual power and convert it into virtual speed. Virtual Training supports most of the power meters, for sure check the compatibility list.

Virtual Training calculates the virtual speed to be able to compare the results cross all users and trainers. Read more about how the virtual speed is calculated here.

App needs to read the current power from the external power meter that communicate via both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart protocols, some support one protocol only. Please, check the documentation to your power meter what protocol is supported. Based on protocol and the platform you can check what all accessories you will need to connect power meter with Virtual Training.

Do you need to connect via Bluetooth Smart?

Do you need to connect via ANT+?

How to connect the trainer in App?

If you have all accessories / fulfil the hardware requirements, you can connect the trainer in App. See more for specific platform. 

Do you want to know what the hardware minimum requirements to be able to use Virtual Training? Read more in system requirements.


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    - techmastermike

    Connect the trainer in app has only one working link - nothing for iOS. Does that mean it's not possible?

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