How to connect the Cyclus 2 trainer

Cyclus 2 trainer is supported in Virtual Training Desktop only and communicates via TCP/IP. Here´s the short manual how to connect Cyclus2 trainer in CVT Desktop 4.X.X.

  • The first step when you launch the App is to click „Edit Bike“ at the Dashboard


  • New window with the bike Setting appears and it´s the time to click on „Select trainer“, so you would be able to scroll down and choose Cyclus 2 trainer.


  • In the „Select of trainer“ you have to scroll down and finally you´ll find Cyclus 2 trainer.


  • Click on „Select“ button and then you´ll proceed into the detail of the Trainer. Important thing is, you have to fill in IP adress of you trainer in the table (IP adress is located in the Settings of the trainer directly on the display of Cyclus 2). When you fill in the correct adress, App should start to connecting the trainer and finally show green „Connected“ text. 


If you´ve made everything right and see Cyclus 2 is connected, it´s the time to enjoy the ride!

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