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One from the first step must be to create and set up the virtual bike. You manage all related with trainers, sensors in virtual bike. It's more than important to set up correct bike weight, circumference of real bike wheel because it's used for the calculation of virtual speed.

In case of stationary trainers like CycleOps Phantom 5 / IC 400 or KETTLER ergometers you have to set up the virtual gears too, because you can't change the real bike gears during a ride...

The detail settings about bike settings, you can find in details articles based on your platform.

Be sure to set up

  • Name of virtual bike (good for easier select in the list)
  • Bike weight
  • Circumference of rear wheel (real bike wheel, not necessary in case of stationary trainers, direct drive trainers etc)
  • Select and connect the trainer
  • Select and connect the external sensors
  • Calibrate the trainer (if neccessary) 


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