How to connect ANT+ devices to VirtualTraining (Windows) in CVT Desktop 3.X.X

You willl need either an ANT+ USB Stick 2 or the ANT+ USB Stick mini to connect your device. You can buy both in our e-shop. After have downloaded and installed the CycleOps VirtualTraining Desktop version on your computer, follow this tutorial.


Step 1 - Open up the program and go to Settings>Device Manager.


Step 2 - Then select type of trainer what you want to use for indoor training. 


Step 3 - Under Manager of ANT+ Devices you can see the already registered ANT+ devices and you can rename or delete these devices (not only trainers, but also heart rate straps, speed/cadence sensors etc).



Step 4 - When you start training you can see all connected devices and you should be able to find your new device as well. Searching can take up to a few minutes. If your computer has trouble finding the device, make sure it is turned on. You can also unplug it and plug it back in (CycleOps PowerBeam, IC400 or Wahoo KICKR), and make sure the battery is charged (speed sensors, heart rate sensors, etc.). For speed/cadence sensors or power meters, make sure your device is awake by pedaling your bike. If you have a heart rate strap, moisten the contact pads and wear it while searching. 



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