The SufferFest, Real Ride videos etc.

In all Apps of VT (desktop, tablet, mobile) it is possible to ride workouts synchronized with popular videos created by The SufferFest, Real Ride etc. There are two options:

1)      To ride workouts that we have already prepared and synchronized with video for you.

2)      To create own workouts via web editor, download videos and then synchronized it by yourself.

In any case, the first step is to buy and download some video (no matter if you want to ride pre-defined workout or your created one)  from the websites that we mentioned!!! 


The SufferFest


Ad 1)

The first step is to get your VT account ready and then click “workouts” button.


Now you need to choose specific workout for video that you have downloaded.

-  For example if you have bought video “Angels”, you need to choose workout “Angels”

It is important that you have to add specific workout from All workouts to My workout list.


Finally, you can see the chosen workout in My workout list, so it´s automatically downloaded into your app (tablet, desktop, mobile app), that means you are ready to realize tough training in selected app!!!


 Before you start to train, the essential thing is to allow media (specifically video) in pre-training screen and choose the correct video from your file. We remind that you have to choose specific video for each workout (video The Long Scream for workout named The Long Scream).



Screenshots from “The Long scream” – ITT Workout


Ad 2)

The start is very same like in Ad 1), go to the section of workouts and click Create workout.


You can choose the type of workout that you want to create (Power, Power/Kg, % FTP, % Grade), nevertheless we consider create by % FTP most suitable for this situation. The keystone is that if you want to share created workout with others, final resistance will be calculated individually for each ride by his/her current FTP.


 If you have any problem with the editor, please visit our support at Workout editor - how to create your own workout

 Remember that for the best result you have to synchronize created workout with the video. When the video is created and checked the procedure is identical as in pre-defined workouts.

Useful tips:

You can select a level of workout´s sharing (public, friends, selected users, private users).

If you skip interval, VT app will automatically move also the video. 

At the end of each segment, the lap is automatically saved. You can see the list of these laps in the detail of activity at the web portal. Statistics could be analyzed here afterwards.

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