Google Earth Plugin installation and troubleshooting

A virtual Google Earth 3D globe is used as a base map for displaying virtual routes. It is necessary to download Google Earth Plug-in to your computer, otherwise the system cannot load the map. You are automatically notified by application, if there is no plug-in installed to your computer yet. You do not need to launch the installation on your own, program offers it to you.

Standard installation

Google Earth Plugin is part of standard CycleOps VirtualTraining installation or you can install plug in later in application.

Manual installation

Sometimes Initialization of Google Earth Plugin failed. Probably plugin is corrupted or installation has not been successful. We strongly recommend to do:

  1. Uninstall Google Earth Plugin from Windows. Go to Start -> Control Panels -> Add/Remove software -> selecte Google Earth Plugin and uninstall.
  2. Re-start computer
  3. Check that you are online, connected into internet
  4. Go to C:/Program files/SportSoft/CycleOps VirtualTraining/geApi/ and run installation GoogleEarthPluginSetup.exe. The Plugin will be downloaded from internet and installed.
  5. Launch desktop application and go to Main menu -> Settings -> Main settings -> Google tab -> Enable choice „Automatically repair GoogleEarth in next start of application“
  6. Re-start application.

Known issues

Graphics card drivers are not installed or drivers are wrong

Be sure that you have installed correct, original drivers for your graphic card. The indication that something is wrong when you are not able to see Google Earth on this web page:

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