Mac compatibility - recommendations in Desktop 3.X.X

Running VirtualTraining on a mac via Parallels

The user can run VirtualTraining on a Macintosh desktop and laptop computer using emulators (like Parallels or VMware…). However, be aware that running VirtualTraining on these dual operating system applications may cause performance or video playback issues.

We strongly recommend to use BootCamp for now.



Google issue

When you initialize the Google Earth Plugin, a problem can occur with the DirectX settings. In this case you can use both version to try what works better for your configuration.


Here is a tutorial on how to change settings of the Google Earth Plugin (written by Melpayne, thank you!)


Run regedit and change value below

You can control whether DirectX or OpenGL is used by changing this key:


0 = DirectX 
1 = OpenGL

After making the change, you'll need to kill all geplugin.exe processes or else the registry changes won't stick:

Start -> Run -> taskkill /f /im geplugin.exe

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