What to do first?

Check your Equipment

There are three ways to use Virtual Training. Speed-Based, Power-Based and Controlled Resistance trainers. Check the compatibility list to get more information. Also, you need an ANT+ sensor connected to your PC, tablet, mobile or a Bluetooth Smart ready device. Check more in the compatibility list.

Install App

Available for PC, Android tablet, and Mobile, iPad, iPhone.  You can download from the VirtualTraining website.

Create a Virtual Training account

Visit the Virtual Training community. Create your personal account. All your indoor and outdoor activities will be uploaded on the portal.

Pair devices

You can communicate via ANT+ sensor connected to your PC, tablet, mobile or via Bluetooth Smart ready device. Based on your platform, you will have to use special accessories probably. Check out our compatibility list for more information.

Make your FTP test

As first, make an FTP Test to set up the correct threshold power. Your training and analysis will be more efficient. You can make a test in Apps directly. More about FTP test here.

Start ride and stay fit!

Go and try the App 14 days for free! Log In now!

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