Connect KETTLER in Desktop via Bluetooth 2.0

VirtualTraining enables to connect your KETTLER trainer/ergometer into Virtual Training Desktop via classic Bluetooth. You need the internal or external Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR) receiver. In case of external you can use for example LogiLink BT 0015 v4.0 Bluetooth Dongle.

How to connect/pair the trainer into Windows?

1) You must initialize the Bluetooth pairing on the ergometer (push and hold the main button on the ergometer for several seconds). After that you have to pair the ergometer in the Windows Bluetooth Manager first. See more in original KETTLER video tutorial below.

2) After that you can connect trainer into VirtualTraining Desktop App. Read more in the article Connect KETTLER in Desktop.

Troubleshooting tips 

How do I pair a Bluetooth device (external Bluetooth dongle)?

The Bluetooth adapter should be listed as follows in the Windows device manager. The best results are usually achieved with the “Generic Bluetooth Radio” driver. Most commercially available Bluetooth adapters can be operated with this driver. The driver is supplied by Windows. The subsequent change is possible by updating the driver and selecting it manually.

How to check the KETTLER S is connected in Windows?

The device is listed under "Devices and printers" as well as under "Bluetooth devices"

In the device manager, there should be additional entries under COM & LPT ports.

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